Kalarippayat is considered as a warfare technique evolved based on the principles of Dhanurveda tradition of Vedic wisdom. The system of knowledge came through various stages and styles of practices. During the course of time, due to various circumstances, many of the practices are depreciated. Hindustan Kalari is making a promising effort to revive the lost tradition and values in Kalarippayat. Various academic research programs and training practices are ongoing under the research activity of the center. Our research is transnational, collaborative and interdisciplinary, and adopts many approaches including cultural histories of Kalarippayat and training styles existing,, community-based projects, ethnographic research, practice analysis, archival research, practice-as-research, performance pedagogies and technology enabled networks.

A notable work under the research wing of Hindustan Kalari Sangam is conducted by Dhanurganaka Hendrik Wiethase in Dhanurveda technique is very notable. The training modality developed in classical Indian archery is the first and only available resource in the field of archery training. A detailed training scripture is published in this.