Kalarippayat out reach program KOP

KOP is created in a way that to spread the training possibilities to various other part of the country. HKA conducts short term to long term training program nationally internationally in collaborating with various institutions. The institutions such as theatre training centers, yoga centers, holistic health care centers etc. Our first born teachers along with their associates extends this program widely. The program syllabus ranging from, basic Kalarippayat movement training, Academic dialogue sessions, Kalari massage retreats, meditation sessions etc.

Inter disciplinary Kalarippayat training program IKTP

IKTP is a s a cross-training program featuring faculty and coursework that span the between Kalarippayat theatre and lifestyle programs. The program is operated on a practical level by taking course work in various departments, drawing upon faculty and research resources in body movement studies and other areas, and conducting research that utilizes the materials, methods, and theories associated with more than one discipline.

If you have a space, community of interested participants, and a wish to learn; Please do contact us back for a mutual skill share.