The Lineage

Hindustan Kalari Sangam, is a traditional Kalarippayattu school established during the year of 1950, under the patronage of Guru Veerasree Sami Gurukkal. From the inception of the center the center is being stand for its valuable service in the field of Kalarippayattu and Ayurveda healing.

Hindustan Kalari Sangam also functions as a resource centre for learners from other parts of the world who are interested in Ancient Indian Scientific Heritage, Indian culture, and Aesthetics.

Guru Veerasree Sami Gurukkal has started leaning this art from from his early days, Guru Govindan kutty Nambiar gurukkal was his teacher in Kalarippayttu. Sami Gurukkal has learned the art of Ayurveda chiefly from Damodaran Vaidya of Kozhikode.

The traced history of our lineage starts from the legendary Kalari master of Kerala. Sri Kottackal Kanaran Gurukkal flown to the generations of Guru Govindan Kutty Nambiar gurukkal, Guru Veerasree Sami Gurukkal, and at present Guru, Lakshmanan gurukkal, Guru Shatrughnan gurukkal, and Guru Radhika gurukkal is being share the patronage of Hindustan Kalari Sangam Calicut.

Guru Kottackal Kanaran Gurukkal

The traced history of our tradition starts with the name of Kottackal kanaran Gurukkal was a native of a village called Mukkali near Badagara was a few renowned names in the history of Kalarippayattu.

Guru Govindankutty Nambiar Gurukkal of Talassery

Guru Govindankutty nambiar gurukkal was the first born disciple of Kottackal Kanaran gurukkal was known for his audacious proficiency in the field of Kalarippayattu and other allied subjects.

Guru Veerasree Sami Gurukkal of Calicut.

Those who love martial arts through out world must be familiar of the Name Sami Gurukkal. Kalarippayattu is the mother of all martial arts was literally picked up from oblivion only by the sheer dedication of this man who is known Guru Veera sree Sami Gurukkal of Hindustan Kalari Sangam. He has learned this martial art virtuosity form Guru Govindankutty Nambiar.

The full name of Sami Gurukkal was Samikutty of Chambadan house. Born on May 12 1934 (Chatayam star in the month of Medam) in Puthiyara of Calicut district which is still famous for its dare devil heroes who crown the pages of Kerala history.

Sami Gurukkal was the Second son of Sri Shri. Karappan Shrimati Valli.Sami Gurukkal was their second child after an older sister and followed by a younger brother. The child born for this blessed couple was then being the real savant in the arena of Kalarippayattu, Ayurveda and Tantra of this century.

Guru Lakshmanan Gurukkal, Guru Shatrughnan Gurukkal, Guru Radhika Gurukkal

They are the descendents and the sons and daughter of Guru Veerasree Sami Gurukkal are the present day gurus of Hindustan Kalari Sangam.