Hindustan Kalari Sangam

     Hindustan Kalari Sangam campus integrates all the necessary amenities to ensure the excellence in imparting the knowledge in various fields. Entire accomplishments are necessarily based upon ancient Indiaís Gurukula system of knowledge transfer.

The temple is located at Puthiyara, within the Kozhikode city limit, one k.m. from the rail way station and 25 k. m from the kozhikode airport.  

The center  provide a very traditional facility for the disciples to master over this unique martial art form. Students from the age limit of 7 to 60 were seeking their training modalities under the guidance of Sri. Ramesan Gurukkal, Sri.Rajesh Gurukkal, And Radhika Gurukkal, are the son and daughter of Sri. Sami Gurukkal.  

The center owns a very traditionally built Kalari arena constructed under the strict norms of Vasthu Sastra, is a very rarely seen traditional Kalari schools of Kerala. The training schedule of the center are in the morning and in the evening. The Center also owns a very traditionally built accommodation facility for the students coming from far and wide. This traditionally built edifice also serves as a knowledge center for ancient Indian scientific heritage. 

An Ayurvedic Treatment center functioning under this organization is a very popular in Kozikode for its outstanding medical care offered to the ailing. This orthopedic and sports medicine specialty center offers a very special medical care under the supervision of highly qualified vaidyas and doctors.

 The major activities of the center Includes

    | Kalarippayattu training program.

    | Kalarippayattu training Programs for theatre artists, Dancers, Yoga practitioners etc.

    | Seminar and Workshops on Kalarippayattu and other Ancient Indian scientific Heritage

    | Research and publication on related subjects

    | Conducting Stage programs and festivals in different part of the country.

    | Hindustan Kalari Sangam Ayurveda Hospital & Research Center
    | Hindustan Kalari Sangam Ayurveda Academy
    | Guru Veera Sree Sami Gurukkal Foundation

    Hindustan Kalari Sangam Ayurveda Hospital & research Center

Hindustan ayurveda hospital and research center was founded during the year 1950 by Late Guru Veerasree Sami gurukkal, the renowned Kalari exponent and an Ayurvedic physician of the centaury. He was a laudable personality in kalarippayattu, Ayurvedic medcial system, Tantra and he was, a visionary and a mentor. Now, more than half a century later, his inspired creation epitomizes the tradition in a praiseworthy manner. Hindustan kalari sangam ayurveda hospital and research center is a specialty center for orthopedic and sports medicine ailments. This specialty center offers excellent care for various ailments  related to bone and joint diseases, neurological ailments etc. As one of the leading orthopedic specialty hospitals in the country, we are dedicated to improving patient results, by providing Ayurveda kalari, specialized orthopedic care in a streamlined environment focused on wellness, mobility, and quick recovery with a cost-effective,

     Dhanvantari Ayurveda Academy (www.dhanvantari.in)

Hindustan Kalari Sangam Ayurveda academy is committed to provide supreme quality Ayurvedic training in right way. This Ayurvedic Academy, is recognized as one of the leading Ayurveda school was established in the year of 2000 to teach the Ayurvedic medical system in the right environment. The academy offers training in  Ayurveda, more precisely on, Panchakarma, Ayurveda Pharmaceutics, Medicinal plants of Ayurveda, Massage therapies, Kerala specialty Ayurveda Treatments, Yoga and Sanskrit.

    Guru Veerasree Sami Gurukkal Foundation

Guru VeeraShree Sami Gurukal Foundation (GVSGF) is a cultural group focusing on collecting, preserving and creating an awareness, about the virtues of our ancient Indian scientific heritage.The foundationís range of activities includes the field of Kalarippayattu (the oriental martial art) Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra amongst others.

     Our Kalarippayattu oriented Activities are briefed here

Work Shops | Seminars

Hindustan Kalari Sangam, the temple of oriental martial art  conducts workshops & seminars in various topics, enables to widen the horizons of ones knowledge and understanding level. The efforts serves to explore more innovative ideas and knowledge in every system. The known personalities from the various studies join us to enhance the awareness in the different systems. The main topics of  interest are given below.

Theatre & Dance

Our outreach programs in theatre and dance disciplines enables the personalities in respective fields, to discover the charms of each subjects and create a different knowledge paradigm in their mind-set. This will help them to improve  their body language especially in physical theatre, enrich the act of movements, improve the presence of mind, and the Kalari practice will definitely is the choice for improving ones stamina, power, leads ultimately to perfection.

Workshop on Spiritual discerns in Kalari Heritage

Hindustan Kalari Sangam always strives to discover the unseen treasures of ancient Indian scientific heritage to light. Our field of interest in this regards ranges from, Jyothisha ( Traditional astrology) Vasthu sastra (Traditional architectonic science), Ayurveda, Tantra Sastra, Natya Sastra etc.

Interdisciplinary studies on diverse Martial art practices

Hindustan Kalari Sangam bring forward the different groups of martial art practice under one roof to endorse interdisciplinary study and research in the relevant subjects. The usual praxis includes, Tangtha ( An martial art of Manipur), Silambum (an Stick fight traditeon exists in Tamilnadu), Mushti yudha (An bare hand fighting technique seen in Banaras),  Malkham (An acrobatic maneuver seen in Maharashtra), Chhau & Mayurbunch dance (An martial dances of Orissa) are among many. Hindustan kalari sangam also srves a platform for other diverse martial art prctice of international stuff, such as Tai chi, Kungfu, Chi-khong Kapuaira, Aikido etc.

Studies on Yoga

Yoga is an another scientific resource discovered by ancient Indian mentors, is having close association in terms of the scientific back ground with kalarippayattu. Our workshops and seminars on yoga and Kalarippayattu explores the facts and relation of each subjects.

Kalari therapy

Hindustan Kalari Sangam conducts seminars and workshops on Kalari treatment modalities to improve the cross cultural relationships between the other medical modalities and to give training the subjects for the students from far and wide

Workshop on Marma

The knowledge about the Marma 'the vital points of the living system' is essential for a person who is in Kalari treatment and a through knowledge about this is very essential to treat various orthopedic and neurological illness. Hindustan Kalari Sangam conducts classes and seminars on this special section for the benefits of the practitioners and students.

A knowledge hub for the national and International universities

Hindustan Kalari Sangam serves as a knowledge hub for various national and international universities to conduct research oriented programs and we have selected by various television channels to explore he richness of kalari tradition.

Interdisciplinary pursuits between the other Traditional art forms

Hindustan Kalari arena serves as a common platform for many art forms to come together and explore the richness each other the art forms which are usually the Theyyam, kolkkali, parichamuttu kalai, poorakkali, thacholikkali, mohiniyattom, kathakali, krishnanattom, koodiyattom etc.

International workshops on Kalarippayattu and Ayurveda

Hindustan Kalari Sangam often make international workshops and seminars on Kalarippayattu and Ayurveda as a part of our global vision, abroad to enrich the foreign delegates with the virtues of our ancient Indian scientific heritage.


   Living at Hindustan Kalari Sangam 

Our Student Services provides a broad range of student services and facilitates educational and campus life opportunities. Our Academy share the responsibility for overseeing the programs which have as their central mission fostering and maintaining a culturally diverse community; supporting community service and involvement by students and developing programs which promote wellness on campus. The Gurukula system of learning is the utmost attribute of transferring knowledge in a promisive way.


We offer modest in-house accommodation within the campus itself. We are believing in a Gurukula system (disciples live with the teacher to impart the knowledge, is the ancient way of education) s the best way of educating oneself.


We provide simple ethnic vegetarian Kerala cuisine. Our kitchen is also for you to cook your food and enjoy. Your interactive cooking time with us enables you to learn the Kerala cooking.


Our rich library will serve you to know more about the Indian sciences and related subjects in a better way. The CD Rom collections  internet facility will connect you to the external world.

    Residential Life

From its founding, Hindustan Kalari Sangam has been designed as a residential learning community. In such communities, the residences provide a dynamic, intellectual learning environment as well as safe, comfortable housing. It is the goal of the residential life program at HAA to support students in balancing the rights of individuals with the responsibilities of community membership.

   Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life Center seeks to encourage healthy community life, interaction, and reconciliation across boundaries of ideas, possibilities, and faiths.

   Of course! you will be enjoying the facilities such as

Independent mobile phone connection (On demand), Unlimited internet connection, every room is wi-fied with internet availability,  Trip to temples, Doctor's care, Cabs, Laundry, motorbike/ bicycle to ride around, Shopping with our family, Ayurvedic treatments, Travel arrangement, money exchange, Weekends in beaches, Houseboat journey through the backwaters of Calicut. Yes! You enjoy the freedom as any of our family member enjoys within our family. Its sure for you.

Contact Address


Netaji Road, Puthiyara, Calicut, Kerala, India -673004
Email :hindustankalari@gmail.com
Phone : 0495 2743659

Tasmei Sri Gurave Namah


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